Welcome to LitvakSIG

You have come to the LitvakSIG website from MyHeritage. Welcome! We are delighted to see you and offer our public resources in furtherance of your research. There is a lot you can do here to that end, but our top recommendation  is that you search for your relatives in our All-Lithuania database (ALD). You may find something new. It’s free, but note that you will need a (free) JewishGen login to see the search results.

What else? We invite you to explore our public website and discover resources such as:

• information about the types of records in the ALD

• descriptions of our District and Gubernia research groups

• descriptions of our Special Projects

• the Vilnius Household Registers home page

• our interactive shtetl map

• information about archives that hold Lithuanian records

• information about volunteering with us - we are an entirely volunteer organization

• and much more.

The "Search the site" option in the right sidebar of this page offers full-text search of our public web pages (not our genealogical data - that’s what the ALD is for).

If you already happen to be a donor to one of our research groups, you can access the password-protected part of our website by logging in on our login page or by using the login link in the right sidebar. This is where you can find our data in the form of spreadsheets, which offer the possibility of some research strategies not easily accomplished through the All-Lithuania database.

If you have questions, email either Russ Maurer, Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, or Barry Halpern, webmaster.