Research and Translation Continuity Fund

This Honor Roll recognizes your contribution and commitment to the preservation of our Jewish Family. Neither time nor tragedy should be allowed to erase our family history. By the restoration & translation of their records, our family members will be rescued from oblivion. Your painstaking research & recreation of your family tree pays them homage. You have chosen the representative – or representatives - named below to memorialize that Familial History: whether the original ancestral figure, as far back as you can find; or the Patriarchs/Matriarchs who made the great migration journey; or a beloved deceased member you knew; or a living relative whose genealogical research had brought the past alive for you; or a central member of the clan who has done the most to hold the modern family together. They stand here in honor of your Family.

Donation levels:

  1. Honorary Level: $250: "Jewish Family Roll of Honor"
  2. Family Level: $1,000 donation: Above plus Lifetime membership in LitvakSIG
  3. Heritage Level: $5,000 donation: All of the above plus b) lifetime access to all research groups & advance access to all new research
  4. Patriarch/Matriarch/Dynasty Level: $15,000 donation: a) all of the above, plus b) Access to a special forum of advisory genealogical leaders at LitvakSIG
Details of the project please see Continuity Fund* (pdf document Download continuity fund intro letter_ 2017.pdf).
To become a donor please click here. On the Contributions Page, click on the icon "Research and Continuity Fund".
*Minimum contribution to the Continuity Fund is $250.

Honor Roll