Shtetl Map & List


The interactive map draws from information we have on our downloadable list  Download Shtetl List Mar 2019.xlsx of more than 400 shtetls of Lithuania. Following standard geographic convention, they are organized by their contemporary country spelling, generally Lithuanian but in the case of many shtetls Russian. Alternate (e.g. previous, Yiddish) and other names for the shtetls are indicated as well as their geographic coordinates and their Russian Empire Period Uyezd (District) and Guberniya (Province).

Note that on the top right hand side of the map there is a drop down menu for searching the shtetls, and on the bottom of the right hand side of the map you will find + and - signs to change the view.

The Shtetl List is continue be a work in progress since we will add new shtetls, additional websites, books and videos as you provide them to us. Please send your additions, suggestions and changes to Carol Hoffman.

Facts and Hints for Aiding Your Research:

Information has been taken from a variety of sources including original sources in Hebrew from which Yizkor books were translated. The Hebrew Pinkas ha-Kehilot Lita does not always include geographic co-ordinates for the shtetls it includes.

The following sites have not been included in this list because they deserve searching separately:

MACEVA - Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania including an interactive map and broad information along with images and translations of existing headstones.

IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project

JOWBR (JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry)

JewishGen Communities Database

The  Shtetl List is an Excel file. Once downloaded, you can save it to your computer. We do update the information as we receive it; therefore, please note the date of the most recent file.