MACEVA is a non-profit organization (NGO) headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.

It plans to document and preserve old Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania by creating a comprehensive virtual Jewish cemetery database accessible to everyone across the globe. As a former Lithuanian Head of State, MEP Prof. Landsbergis stated: "Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania are not simply burial places, they are part of Lithuanian history and culture and must be preserved."

There are approximately 200 abandoned and desecrated Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania. Often referred to as the "cradle of Eastern European Jewish culture", Lithuania had a pre-Holocaust Jewish community of 240,000 people.

The primary focus of MACEVA is to gather, catalog and publicize information about these cemetery sites throughout the country. MACEVA photographically documents remaining tombstones, transcribes original Hebrew epitaphs and translates them into English. All the collected findings are posted on their website that offers an opportunity to take a convenient virtual tour around the cemetery of your choice. The Lithuanian Jewish cemetery database is constantly updated.

MACEVA is mostly a volunteer-driven organization. It cooperates with students, various youth organizations, local communities and activists, and experts of the Lithuanian Jewish history, culture and heritage. Being heavily underfunded, the success of the future cemetery documentation projects depends on the help and support of the people. There are many ways to contribute and make a difference. For more information, feel free to contact the MACEVA team:

Additionally, MACEVA helps descendants of the Litvaks to search their family members and histories by providing a professional genealogy service.

More detail is available on the MACEVA website at

Consistent with LitvakSIG’s objective of encouraging and supporting the preservation and computerization of primary sources of genealogical data, LitvakSIG works cooperatively with MACEVA.

In addition to working cooperatively with MACEVA to share the information they are documenting, digitizing and computerizing, LitvakSIG is able to accept contributions specifically designated for MACEVA.

To contribute now, using our secure on-line credit card system, go to Select "Special Project", then "MACEVA" from the drop-down menu. Contributions may be tax deductible for US taxpayers. Consult your tax advisor.

To make a donation by check, in US$ or to mail your credit card information for processing:

Payable to: LitvakSIG, Inc.

Mail to: LitvakSIG Inc.
c/o Eden Joachim, Treasurer
41 Country Club Lane
Pomona, NY 10970

Always include your full name, billing address, email address, telephone number. You may note shtetl(s) of interest. This information will be passed on to MACEVA.

Please visit the MACEVA website: to learn more about this important organization and its work.