GDL Following the Paper Trail

How to find our ancestors on 18th century records: following the paper trail linking 19th & 18th century documents

 ●  18th Century Links to the Family of the Vilna Gaon and the Komisaruk family of Raseiniai - by Chaim Freedman

 ●  Jewish Patronymics Extracted from Early 19th century Parish Vital Records as Links to the 1784 GDL Census for the Wiejsieje Kahal - by Dorothy Leivers 

 ●  The Komisaruk Family of Raseiniai - by Chaim Freedman  (1858 revision list of Jewish Agricultural colony of Grafskaya, Ekaterinoslav Province →1847 Lists of Rassein Jews who applied to become farmers in Novorussia (south-east Ukraine) →1846 List of people unable to pay taxes 1816 revision list of Rassein →1784 census of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rassein Kahal, Girtagola village →1764 census of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania)

 ●  Hadassah Lipsius’ Charney Family of Mir, Belarus - by Hadassah Lipsius (1836 Warszawa (Warsaw) marriage record  →1816 Mir revision list →1795 Mir revision list1784 GDL census)

 ●  Using a Late 19th Century Will to Trace Shabashevich Family of Raseiniai, Lithuania Eric Goldstein (1875 Will →  1858 revision list →1816 revision list  →1784 Grand Duchy of Lithuania census for Vidukle, Rassein Kahal)

Discovering the Relationship Between Two Branches of her Grushka Family by Ada Green (Cemetery tombstones in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and  New York Death Records →1874 family list →1816 revision list  →1784 census of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania records for Krakes Kahal, Lithuania)

  The Friedland Family of Ariogala, Lithuania by David Hoffman (Beginning with family lore →1882 birth certificate →1874 Ariogala family List  → 1848 taxpayers list  → 1846 candle tax list  → 1816 revision list  → 1784 census of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania →1765 GDL census)

  Salant 18th Century: The Family of Rabbi Yosef Zundel Salanter by Chaim Freedman

  1784 Keidaniai Census Confirms the Katzenellenpogen Family Rabbinate by Dr. Neil Rosenstein