Suwalki Gubernia Research Group

The LitvakSIG Suwalki Gubernia Research Group is a LitvakSIG Research Group. Our mission is to translate all available records for Suwalki Gubernia, beginning with those that have not been translated by any other group. We access records, translate and database them, and distribute the data to our contributors. We distribute the data to our contributors in Excel format via a dedicated group website at

This Research Group covers the entire Suwalki Gubernia. 

We will focus primarily on the following shtetls. [(P) indicates the shtetl is currently in Poland.] There are many smaller settlements that do not appear on this list for which data may be found at larger nearby towns.

VILKAVISKIS: Kybartai, Vilkaviskis, Virbalis, Vistytis

MARIJAMPOLE: Aleksotas, Aukstoji Panemune, Azuolu Buda, Balbieriskis, Griskabudis, Gudeliai, Gyviai, Marijampole, Pakuonis, Pilviskiai, Prienai, Veiveriai, Zapyskis

SEJNY: Bakalarzewo ((P), Berzniki (P), Filipow (P), Kapciamiestis, Krasnopol (P), Lazdijai, Leipalingis, Liskiava, Meteliai, Miroslavas, Seirijai, Sejny (P), Veisiejai

KALVARIJA: Alytus (west of Neimen), Kalvarija, Krosna, Liubavas, Liudvinavas, Rudamina, Simnas

KUDIRKOS NAUMIESTIS: Kazlu Ruda, Kriukai, Kudirkos Naumiestis, Liepalotai, Luksiai, Sakiai Siaudine, Smalininkai, Sudargas, Sutkai

Qualifying Contribution has been set at a minimum of $100 and contributors will receive data in Excel format at least 18 months before it appears on the All Lithuania Database through a dedicated website.  Updates on the projects and the data will be available on that website. However, the flow of translations will only continue if there is sufficient money to undertake the work so contributors will be asked to make additional donations as the need arises.

To make a contribution please go to the Join/Contribute page of this website and under Research Groups, select Suwalki Gubernia Research Group. If you wish to do so, you may specify a town in the notes column and we will do our best to respect your wishes.

For further information, you may contact Jody Tzucker.

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