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July 11, 2019: Jews repressed during the 1st Soviet occupation of Lithuania. Download the surname list

2000 lines added to Obeliai questionnaires December 14, 2019!

Download the updated surname list

The Collective Data site is where we put data that is not specific to a particular location, or substantially overlaps multiple districts. Qualified contributors to all the district and gubernia research groups have access to the Collective Data site through their customary login. Collective Data will appear as an option on their dashboard.

Below is a list of the files currently posted on the Collective Data site. Note that this is merely a list, not a set of links to the actual data. The data are within the password-protected portion of our site. To access the data, click on the home icon at the top of this page and log in to your account. Once logged in you can go to the Collective Data site.

Jews repressed during the 1st Soviet occupation of Lithuania

Jews Under Police Surveillance 1904-1905

Jewish Converts to Russian Orthodoxy

Jews Refused External Passports 1916-1917

1897 Russian Census (Jews in Lithuania)

Visa Lieutava-1931- Lithuanian Businessmen




LVIA map descriptions


Emigrants via Canada Steamship lines 1920-1938

Palestine Office (Misrad Erez Esrael) 1929-1940

Jewish Enterprises Nationalized 1940-1941

USSR Job App 1940

Lithuanian Jewish Soldiers 1904-1905

LIT-LIT 1918-1939 Jewish Conscripts

Suwalki Illegal Emigrants

Teacher Applications 1921-1941

Obeliai Questionnaires -  2000 lines added December 14, 2019! - Download the updated surname list

WWII Evacuees to USSR

Applications for  a Lithuanian passport to travel abroad

Jewish Military Volunteers 1918-1923

Lithuanian Jewish Survivors of WWII from the Joint Distribution Committee

Vilna conscripts to the Russian army, 1900-1914


Fallen Soldiers 16th Division 1942-1945

Latvian records of Lithuanian Jews, including vital records from Dwinsk, Bauska, and Riga and extracts from the census of 1897 for Dwinsk and Riga

Lithuanian Jews living in Riga in the inter-war period (1918-1941): House Registers

The Riga Ghetto Study

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Kingdom of Poland Commonwealth: Belarus records

LIT-LIT-1939-1954-Jews Arrested (from the Lithuanian Special Archives)