LitvakSIG Discussion List

The LitvakSIG Discussion List (or Discussion Forum) operated for 25 years through a system that was “hosted” by JewishGen.  That system was shut down in May, 2023. 

That Discussion List was moderated daily by Judy Baston, to whom we owe a debt of thanks!

LitvakSIG has been working on developing our own independent LitvakSIG discussion forum connected to our website.  We will give you more specific information when it becomes available; we will reach out to all of you who are currently subscribers and invite you to become part of our new list.

Meanwhile, we urge you to send any Litvak questions you may have to several other channels available, and which experienced LitvakSIG leaders monitor and will respond with suggestions and information -- the JewishGen discussion group (with #Lithuania),
and Facebook groups Tracing the Tribe and Jewish Genealogy Portal among them.  Also see the LitvakSIG Facebook page.

To subscribe to the JewishGen Discussion Group, if you’re not already subscribed, go to this link: JewishGen Discussion Group.

 You’ll need a (free) JewishGen account to register for the Discussion Group.