Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the life-blood of LitvakSIG! In fact, LitvakSIG is staffed entirely by volunteers from around the globe. We need your language skills (Russian/Lithuanian/Yiddish/Hebrew/English/Polish/German and others in any combination), Litvak genealogy and research expertise, writing skills, fundraising abilities, finance and accounting skills, project management skills, website content, development and leadership skills. We can tailor your responsibilities to accommodate your availability.

Positions currently available:

Website Team:

Several people are needed to manage our public website Contact our webmaster Barry Halpern

Content Team:

People to write, edit, proofread and manage the information on the pages of our website using plain text. No HTML coding experience is required.

Outreach Team:

We need people generally familiar with Litvak genealogy research – and willing to learn how LitvakSIG works -- to field incoming inquiries from researchers, direct them to the proper individuals within LitvakSIG and to provide general Getting Started direction. We estimate this to be a role that can take as much or as little time as you have available - up to just a few hours a week. All correspondence is in English at this time. If you possess foreign language skills to help correspond with researchers in Israel, France, South America or other countries, please let us know.

Research Group Coordinators:

Research Group Coordinators are responsible for raising funds and coordinating the acquisition of records for all shtetls within a district. They maintain a list of qualified contributors, a list of available records for all shtetls within the district and for the district itself and manage the process of raising funds and distributing data to the group. Proofing newly translated lists is a large and important part of the job. These positions require a solid time commitment.  The number of hours per week depends upon the group and time of year. On average between 1 and 4 hours per week. LitvakSIG provides a website that makes it easy to manage data distributions and will train you.


Proficiency in languages other than English, such as Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, German, Hebrew and Yiddish is necessary.

The time commitment is flexible - it can be as little as a few hours per week to as much as you can provide. There are still many thousands of records to be translated.:

With the addition of the Klaipeda (Memel) District Research Group in summer of 2011, we are in a position to acquire and translate records written in German. Please offer to help if you are able to read German. The data will also have to be typed into Excel files.

Online Journal Editor / Coordinator and Writers:

Our Online Journal consists of many types of articles (travelogues, memoirs, methodology, scholarly) all which can assist you in putting the "flesh on the bones" of your ancestors. We seek individuals to be a team to solicit and manage new articles for addition to the journal. Good English language skills are integral. Proofreading, formatting and direct interaction with the authors is required. Contact us if this position fits within your skill set.

If you are interested in volunteering for LitvakSIG, please fill out the short form and we will get back to you shortly.

If you are interested in a position on the LitvakSIG Board, please see this page.