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Existing donors please note: your "expiry" date for access to the password-protected areas of the website is shown if you click on the "Member’s Dashboard" green tab on the left of the webpage.  If you are a member, your expiry date for membership will be shown.  If you are a qualified (i.e. $100 minimum) donor to one of the District Research Groups, then your five year access period expiry date will be shown on the dashboard page.

Regarding donations, whether this is your first time or if you’ve donated in the past:

1.  "Membership" ($50 donation) is for one year only.  Memberships support our general operations and provide the member with access to a password-protected site that features resources such as maps, videos, archival inventories, and LitvakSIG documents such as annual reports and minutes.  Members can vote in annual elections for Board positions and are eligible to run for these positions.  Membership does not include access to translated data (i.e. Excel spreadsheets).

2.  Research Groups for Districts or Guberniyas:  Access to the translated data of any district or gubernia research group (DRG) requires a minimum $100 donation for each group you want to access. 

A 100% donation provides access for a period of five years - the remainder of the current calendar year plus the next four additional calendar years.  For example, a donation of $100 to the Vilnius DRG on June 1, 2023 grants access for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027.  If such a donation is made AFTER Yom Kippur (e.g. December 1, 2023) then the access period will include the remainder of 2023, through the end of 2028. 

In other words, for donations made after Yom Kippur up to the next January 1st, access is for the balance of that current year plus five additional calendar years.  This period is the most advantageous time for you to donate to a research group.  More information about District Research Groups can be found at this page: District Research Groups overview.

If you make an additional $100 donation during your existing five year access period, then the new access expiry date is based on your latest donation.  For example, continuing with the situation cited above (a $100 donation on June 1, 2023), suppose you then donate an additional $100 on June 1, 2025).  Your new access period would end on December 31, 2029; in other words, you’d get two additional access years.  The extra access would not be appended to your original expiry date (2027).

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact either the District Coordinator, or the webmaster. 

3.  "Collective Data" refers to record sets that pertain to multiple districts.  Access to all collective data (i.e. Excel spreadsheets), which is posted on its own password-protected page, is automatically included with a $100 donation to any district/gubernia research group.

4.  "Special Projects" each has its own differing donation requirements to enable data access.  Please refer to each project’s web page descriptions for details; links are below:

5.  District General Fund is another donation option which is listed under the "Special Project" heading (as a drop down menu choice), though it is not actually a special project.  We are especially grateful for donations to the District General Fund, which give us the flexibility to support any of our translation projects as needed. We would like to emphasize that donations to the District General Fund do not provide access to any of our password-protected data (i.e. the district research groups, the collective data, or the special projects). Donors interested in data access should direct their donation to the appropriate group or project rather than the District General Fund.

6.  Access to the All Lithuanian Database (ALD) is free and does not require membership and/or donations 

7.  Be sure to press the yellow "contribute" button to proceed, after filling in your name, address, credit card, etc.

8.  To make a check or credit card contribution by regular mail, you may print our Contribution Form and mail it in.  The Contribution Form may be filled out online and then printed, or may be printed first and filled out by hand, whichever you prefer. 

9.  If you have any questions or require clarification, please contact

Please read the About Membership and Contributions page for information on our structure.

For help with making a donation, or with changing your password (or if you don’t know your password), please go to: Download payment instructions.pdf.


The information provided through the All Lithuania Database (ALD) is for your personal genealogical research purposes only. It cannot be published in any form without the express written permission of LitvakSIG.

Some of the information on this website is provided by third parties who retain ownership, copyright and/or intellectual property rights. Nothing on this website may be used on any other website or for any commercial purposes without the express written permission of LitvakSIG and any third party.

LitvakSIG’s administration, projects, operations and fundraising are entirely independent and separate from  Donations made to JewishGen do NOT support the indexing/extractions of your town’s records.


To make a check or credit card contribution by regular mail, you may print our Contribution Form and mail it in. The Contribution Form may be filled out on line and then printed or may be printed and filled out by hand, whichever you prefer.