LitvakSIG is a membership organization. Annual Dues are US $50 and entitle members to vote in our annual election of directors and gain access to our password protected Members Website .

Our membership year is January 1 to December 31. Dues paid after the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur will be credited for the remainder of the calendar year and the following calendar year unless otherwise noted. Please indicate which year you are paying dues for using the drop-down menu. If dues are paid more than once for a given year, LitvakSIG applies additional payments to future years. For more information on membership, please see the Benefits of Membership page.

LitvakSIG has numerous Research Groups and Projects to which you may contribute in order to gain access to data from particular records. These contributions are independent of the annual membership dues.

LitvakSIG is pleased to accept contributions that are designated for District or Guberniya Research, Internal Passports or any other specific purpose. While all reasonable efforts will be made to expend such contributions for the specific purpose designated by the donor, it may not always be practical to do so. For example, a project may already have raised sufficient funds for its completion. Or a project may receive insufficient donations to be pursued within a reasonable time frame. By designating a contribution for a specific project, the donor agrees that the Board of Directors of LitvakSIG may decide ­ in consultation with the District, Guberniya and Project Coordinators ­ to apply contributed funds to other LitvakSIG projects if it determines for any reason that it would be impractical to apply such funds to the specific purpose designated by the donor. If a project is deferred due to lack of funding and is later reactivated, donors whose contributions to the original project were redirected by the Board will receive credit for their original donations to the project.