Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum


Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono þydø muziejus
The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum

Pamënkalnio 12
2001 Vilnius; Lietuva
Tel: +370-2-620730, 624590
Fax: +370-2-227083

Dear Friend,

It is our pleasure and honor to extend to you our gratitude for being a Friend of our museum. It is really a miracle that like a Phoenix from the ashes our museum reemerged to keep alive the unique history of "Yerushalayim de Lita."

This year we have become 10 years old.

We would be happy to share warm greetings and messages from you, our Friends, with all the people who will come to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our museum in December.

Meanwhile, we all wish you a Happy Encounter with the New Millennium.

Waiting to hear from you,

in the name of the museum staff

Rachel Kostanian
Deputy Director