Kaunas Regional Archives Catalog

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ow to Use this Catalog

This is a catalog of a large variety of documents and records that are in the Kaunas Regional Archives which are very useful to Jewish Genealogists. It may be downloaded and single copies printed for noncommercial use by individuals, genealogical societies, libraries and educational institutions as long as any reproduction includes the name of the author and the copyright notice. Since new records are being found and cataloged all the time, they will be added continuously.

It is important to note that the fact that a particular type of record or year for a record is not listed does not mean that it will not be found at a later time, so it would be advisable to check back regularly.

Use by Individuals

Individual researchers will find these listings, which are organized by town and type of document, very useful when they are placing orders with the Kaunas Regional Archives for copies of documents. The archive no longer does personal family history research. The Catalog will guide you in knowing what is likely to be available -- or unavailable -- for your ancestral towns. Unfortunately the Archives staff is very small, and the processing of document orders may take many months. The staff, at the moment is only one person -- Vitalija Gircyte. 

Please see the FAQ’s on information about placing individual orders.


Description of Document Type Abbreviations