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Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 2/2018

By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, October 2018

This is the Fall 2018 issue of the newsletter of the Jewish Community of Lithuania, rich in feature articles. 

about the author
Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik

Radvilė Rimgailė-Voicik was born in 1987, in Vilnius, Lithuania.
In 2012 she graduated Vilnius State University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and acquired a Master’s degree in botany (cum laude).
Currently Radvile is working on a doctoral degree in biology at Vilnius University, volunteering at WI Herbarium. Her main fields of scientific interest – reproductive biology of archaic forest plants called lycopods or club mosses, natural science history.

Member of The Bagel shop collective from 2014.