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Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 1/2017

By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, January 2017

Bagel Shop 1/2017 includes several articles, some of which are:

an interview with Alina Azukaitis on the Dubi Club for early childhood education,

A. Kasparavicius’s article, "The Policy of the Lithuanian Provisional Government and the Beginning of the Holocaust in Lithuania"

about the author
Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik

Radvilė Rimgailė-Voicik was born in 1987, in Vilnius, Lithuania.
In 2012 she graduated Vilnius State University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and acquired a Master’s degree in botany (cum laude).
Currently Radvile is working on a doctoral degree in biology at Vilnius University, volunteering at WI Herbarium. Her main fields of scientific interest – reproductive biology of archaic forest plants called lycopods or club mosses, natural science history.

Member of The Bagel shop collective from 2014.