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Involvement of New Archival Documents Fonds into the Context of Holocaust Investigation

By Gintaras Dručkus, October 2015

Gintaras Druckus, Director of the Kaunas County Archive, presented this paper during the Yad Vashem International Conference on Holocaust Documentation in the Territories of the FSU, Jerusalem October 2015

about the author
Gintaras Dručkus

Gintaras Dručkus was born February 15, 1961 in Aleksandravėlė village Rokiškis district, Lithuania.

In 1983 graduated Vilnius State University, Faculty of History and acquired master’s degree in history.

Since June, 2001 - director of Kaunas County Archives.

During his professional activities has prepared and published a number of articles, reports, publications on museology, history and archiving. In 1983-1988 - one of the organizers and speakers of annual Kaunas State History Museum (now - Vytautas the Great War History Museum) conferences on museology and history issues – „Museology Questions“.

Main field of interest - history of Lithuania in the first half of the 20th century. Publications: „Establishment of the Central State Archives of Lithuania in 1921“ (2006); study „Kaunas City Maps 19th – begining of the 20th Centuries“ (2007); „Establishment of Modern Self-Government in Kaunas City (1918-1920)“ (2008); study „Dusk Pilgrims. History of Lithuanian Partisans Vytautas District Lokys Selection 1944 – 1958“ (2011); publications and reports in conferences, devoted to the uprisal 1863 in Lithuania: „Uprisal 1863 in Lithuania and Position of European Countries“ (2013); articles on Lithuania-related archival heritage in the archives of Byelorussia and Russian Federation - Minsk, Grodno, St. Petersburg (2013 – 2014), etc.

Co-organizer of numerous local and international archival documents exhibitions: „Establishment of Modern Self-Government in Kaunas City (1918-1920)“; „Kaunas Jewish Community in archival documents“; „Uprisal of 1863 in archival documents", "1940/1990 - turning points in Kaunas History", etc.;

Board member of Lithuanian Archivists‘ Associacion (since 2008); member of Lithuanian Council of Archives (since 2011).


+370 616 78422

Gintaras Dručkus