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Here you will find articles that are of broad interest to Litvak researchers. Its aim is to increase our understanding of the historical, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual forces which affected the lives of our ancestors, particularly during the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Documents of Jewish History in the Holdings of the Lithuanian State Historical Archives
By Virginija Cijunskiene, 2015 Octo
The Hebrew Gymnasium in Kovno (Schwabe’s)
By Tessa Rajak, November 2022
The Hebrew Gymnasium in Kovno (Schwabe’s)
By Tessa Rajak, November 2022
Remembering 80 years to onset of the Holocaust in Lithuania
By LitvakSIG, October 2021
Honoring My Unknown Great-Grandmother
By Marion Werle, March 2021
My Family and I
By Ya'arit Glezer, December 2021
Childhood Memories Haunted Me to Find Answers
By Ralph Salinger, April 2021
The Lithuanian Jewish Community of Telšiai
By Phil S. Shapiro, November 2020
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 1/2020
By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, December 2020
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 1/2019
By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, May 2019
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 2/2018
By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, October 2018
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 1/2018
By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, May 2018
The Year Was 1998
By Joel Ratner, March 2018
LitvakSIG in the Beginning
By Davida Novek Handler, March 2018
Early member of LitvakSIG
By Ellen Stepak, June 2018
LitvakSIG History
By Judy Baston, July 2018
What Census Records Tell Us about Jewish Families of 19th Century Lithuania, a Case Study: the Shtetl Zeimelis 1816-1853
By Anatolij Chayesh, February 2018
Devera and Michael Witkin recall
By Devera Witkin, April 2018
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 2/2017
By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, November 2017
Jews of Vilna Guberniya: Recruits of the Tsar, Cantonists, Conscripts of World War I
By Lithuanian Jewish Community, May 2017
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 1/2017
By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, January 2017
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 3/2016
By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, November 2016
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 1/2016
By Zivilė Juonyte, January 2016
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 2/2016
By Radvile Rimgailė-Voicik, February 2016
Involvement of New Archival Documents Fonds into the Context of Holocaust Investigation
By Gintaras Dručkus, October 2015
Records on Kaunas Jews of 1919-1940
By Vitalija Gircyte, October 2015
Lost Shtetl - Seduva
By Marlene Englander, November 2015
Jewish Community of Lithuania newsletter no 1/2015
By Zivilė Juonyte, January 2015
Lithuanian Internal Passports Database 1919-1940
By Howard Margol, March 2012
First Exhibitions of Jewish Artists in Kaunas (1920-1940) from the Art Critic's Perspective, The
By Dr. Vilma Gradinskaite, April 2010
Jewish Household Heirlooms
By Ann Rabinowitz, September 2009
All Lithuania Cemetery List
By Aleksandrs Feigmanis, Dr., July 2009
Restoration of the Jewish Cemetery in Yurburg (Jurbarkas)
By Joel Alpert, March 2008
Life and Times of Ellen and Jacob Cohen: 1870-1950, The
By Marvin L. Simner, Ph.D, July 2008
Life and Times of Moses and Rose Simner: 1856-1950, The
By Marvin L. Simner, Ph.D, July 2008
My recent Jewish Heritage Roots Tour to Lithuania and Belarus
By Bill Yoffee, August 2008
Memorials for Lithuania Shtetls in Cholon, Israel
By Judith Langer-Surnamer Caplan, November 2007
Sveksna: Our Town
By Esther Herschman Rechtschafner, March 2007
Letters from Gelvan - A New Development
By Geraldine Adelman Powers Volper, January 2007
What's in a Name?
By Professor Gilbert Herbert, December 2007
Katzenellenpogen Family Rabbinate
By Neil Rosenstein, 2006
About 'Surinamers' Who Are Not From Suriname
By Jetty G. de Miranda, October 2005
Another Surnamer Surfaces
By Judith Langer-Surnamer Caplan, October 2005
Family of Rabbi Yosef Zundel Salanter, The
By Chaim Freedman, 2005
Speech by Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein at the Annual Yom Hashoah Ceremony
By Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein, May 2004
Following the Paper Trail: The Komisaruk Family of Raseiniai
By Chaim Freedman, May 2004
18th Century Links to the Family of the Vilna Gaon and the Komisaruk family of Raseiniai
By Chaim Freedman, 2004
Osip Emilyevich Mandelshtam, Russian Poet (1889-1938)
By Vitaly Charny, October 2003
Visiting the Telsiai Jewish Cemetery
By Aleksandrs Feigmanis, October 2003
Anna Weinstein Recalls Life in Kelem (Kelme)
By Bob Weiss, November 2003
Life in the Shtetl of Shnurel
By Mary Hellen Herr Bernhard, June 2003
Box-Tax Paperwork Records
By Anatolij Chayesh, June 2003
Joniskis Area Jewry
By Jurgita Matuliene, February 2003
Interview with Woolf Zasman, An
By Mary Kropman, August 2003
Photo Exhibition of Lithuanian Judaica, Jewish Synagogues, from the Photo Archives of Ethnographer Balys Buracas, A
By Antanas Buracas, November 2002
My Mother's Letter
By Raja Schiff Shlom-Berkman, November 2002
Jewish Life Under the Tsars: The Autobiography of Chaim Aronson, 1825-1888, A
By Ira Leibowitz, March 2002
Lithuanian Jews on Postage Stamps: Isaak Levitan 1860-1900
By Vitaly Charny, June 2002
Lithuanian Jews on Postage Stamps: Ben Shahn 1898-1969
By Vitaly Charny, July 2002
Excerpts from The Rosen Legacy
By Claire L. Datnow, February 2002
Designing a Uniquely Personal and Genealogically-Oriented Litvak Menorah
By Judith Langer-Surnamer Caplan, December 2002
Genocide of the Jews in the Trakai Region of Lithuania, The
By Neringa Latvyte-Gustaitiene, April 2002
Urban Voters for the State Duma Elections 1905-1912
By Anatolij Chayesh, April 2002
Unmarked Lives
By Joanne Soroka, April 2002
Return to Serei
By Chana Rosen, September 2001
My Childhood in Trishik
By Ita Melamed Hersch, October 2001
Zeimelis Jewish Cemetery, The
By Barry Mann, November 2001
Vievis Jewish Cemetery, The
By Harold Perloff, November 2001
From Here to Kovno
By Susan Josephs, March 2001
Letters from Gelvan
By Geraldine Adelman Powers Volper, July 2001
Visiting the Jewish Cemetery of Zemaiciu Naumestis
By Aleksandrs Feigmanis, July 2001
Revisiting Roots in Lithuania
By Hedy Pagremanski Page, October 2000
Visitng Leckava Jewish Cemetery
By Aleksandrs Feigmanis, May 2000
By Judy Baston, May 2000
To Research or Not To Research
By Shulamith Surnamer, May 2000
Ellis Island Villenelloid
By Shulamith Surnamer, May 2000
Taking her Place on the Jewish Family Tree of Ancient and New Litvaks
By Shulamith Surnamer, May 2000
As I Explained to Rodger Kamenetz
By Shulamith Surnamer, May 2000
First Martyrs in Our Village of Telsiai 1914-1918, The
By Velvel (Zev) Noy, May 2000
My Litvak Ancestor
By Barbara F. Lefcowitz, May 2000
Lituanie Juive 1918-1940 by Yves Plasseraud and Henri Minczeles
By Joost van Beek, March 2000
Litvak Prayer Rituals
By Shalom Bronstein, June 2000
Jewish Craftsmen in Kaunas Gubernia from the stand point of genealogy and local history
By Anatolij Chayesh, June 2000
Litvaks and the Founding of Brandeis University
By Steven Weiss, July 2000
From Yerushalayim d'Lita
By Debbie Berliner, July 2000
Expulsion of the Jews from Lithuania in the Spring of 1915, The
By Anatolij Chayesh, February 2000
Litvaks and Their Calendars
By Jacob Bleadon, April 2000
Glimpses of History: Jewish Organizations in Kelme
By Vaclovas Rimkus, November 1999
Following the Traces Left by Fascist Killers
By Mary Javno-Voronova, November 1999
Afrikaner Yidishe Tseitung Article
By Ada Green, May 1999
What Does a Litvak Look Like?
By Judith Langer-Surnamer Caplan, July 1999
Jews of Uzventis in 1941, The
By Stases Butkeviciene, December 1999
List of Jews in Kelme
By Emilija Valanciene, December 1999
Visiting the Jewish Cemeteries in Kaisadorys and Zasliai
By Aleksandrs Feigmanis, April 1999
South African Landsmanshaftn Records
By Ada Green, April 1999
Excel, Schmexcel, Dig Up Those Relatives
By Barry Spinak, March 1998
Jewish Genealogical Resources at the Kaunas Regional Archives
By Vitalija Gircyte, December 1998
Never Judge an Archival Collection by Its Description
By Deena A. Berton, April 1998
LitvakSIG 1998 Goals and Objectives
By LitvakSIG, 1998
On the Front Line in Lithuania in 1915 (Part II)
By Anatolij Chayesh,
1784 Census: Wiejsieje Kahal, The
By Dorothy Leivers,
Discovering Relationships between Families
By Ada Green,
Friedland Family of Ariogala
By David B. Hoffman,
On the Front Line in Lithuania, 1915 (Part I)
By Anatolij Chayesh,
Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum
By Howard Margol,
Eric Goldstein's Shabashevich Family
By Eric Goldstein,