Voters Lists

Various state, local and religious government authorities created lists of people eligible to vote for a variety of positions of authority.

The following are the types of Voter Lists included in the ALD along with a brief summary.

State Duma Electors

Jewish men over the age of 25 and of sufficient economic or social status were allowed to vote in the Russian Empire Parliamentary Elections in 1905, 1906, 1907, and 1912. Lists of those eligible to vote were published.

Rabbi Electors

Permanent town dwellers had a right to participate in the election of their local Rabbis. This list usually includes the family surname, the given name, the father’s name or patronymic, and often the age of those eligible to vote for their local Rabbis.

Municipal Electors

These lists are similar to the Rabbi Electors lists. These were lists of eligible voters who elected representatives for their local municipalities.

Residents Lists

While similar to other Electors Lists, Residents Lists often lack ages and no women or children are listed. The format of Residents Lists vary because they were made for different purposes. It is sometimes easy, however, to glean family relationships from these lists because some have comments like "gave proxy vote to ... "

Electors Lists

These are a variety of other electors lists in which the purpose is not indicated. We just know they were eligible to participate in some type of voting.

Please be aware that the spellings of names -- both first and last -- may be different from the ones you are familiar with and accustomed to. In addition, some information on these lists that do not fit into our database template are noted in the Comments Field. For more information, see our Translation, Transliteration, and Database Standards for the ALD.

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