Panevezys Archives

Contact Information and Research Information:

Panevezys Archives
Panevezio Apygardos Archyvas
M. Valanciaus 3
Panevezys, 35169 Lithuania
Tel/Fax: 370-45-46-15-37

Write to them in Lithuanian or Russian. They are unable to translate English.


This archive holds post World War II records such as property records and tax records for Panevezys and the surrounding area. It also contains 1940 Panevezys Jewish property records.

Preserves documents of regional state, municipal and non-state institutions, enterprises and individuals of the Panevezys, Bir┼żai, Kupiskis, Pasvalys and Rokiskis districts from 1945 until the present day. Archives is also involved in supervision of records management of local public institutions.

For information on the various types of records from the Russian Empire, see the section of our website on Types of Records in the All Lithuania Database.

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