Lithuanian Central State Archives (LCVA)

Contact Information and Research Information:

Lithuanian Central State Archives (LCVA)
Lietuvos Centrinis Valstybes Archyvas
O. Milasiaus 21
Vilnius 10102, Lithuania
Tel: 370-52-47-78-29
Fax: 370-52-76-53-18

Every request for an archival search from any person must be sent to the archive in written form (not by email) and with a personal signature. Email can be used for follow up purposes. If you request copies of documents, the archive will notify you of the cost.


This archive holds school records, internal passport applications, prison records and various other records for the period of Lithuania’s independence (1919-1940). It also includes the Lithuanian Archive of Image and Sound. For example, this archive contains many original photographs such as photographs of 1,222 Jewish Russian Army conscripts from the Vilnius District (1900-1914) and numerous photographs of Jewish subjects in Lithuania that were taken during the 1920’s-1930’s. See article and file of conscripts’ photos at our Online Journal 

For information on the various types of records from the Russian Empire, see the section of our website on Types of Records in the All Lithuania Database .

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