Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum (VGM)

Contact Information and Research Information:

Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum (VGM)
Naugarduko g. 10/2
Vilnius LT-01141 
Telephone: +370 5 231 23 57, +370 (8 5) 231 2357

The mission is to discover authentic Lithuanian Jewish world, preserve heritage, learn from history and create common future. We strive to enhance and cherish democratic and humanitarian values in society, based on the examples of global Jewish history and the tragedy of the Holocaust in Lithuania and Europe.

The structure of the museum includes the Tolerance Center, Paneriai Memorial, Samuel Bak Museum, Museum of Litvak Culture and Identity, Memorial Museum of Lithuania and Vilna Ghetto, Jacque Lipchitz Memorial Museum.

The collection includes: ritual objects, and everyday items used or produced by Lithuanian Jews; Jewish documentation - books, letters, posters, cigarette packet pieces with hand written notes, some copies of Ghetto diaries, seals of various organizations, translations, periodicals, proclamations, archival material from the former the USSR and more.