Holocaust Lists

While there are other institutions that focus on Holocaust materials, there are some specific lists of Lithuanian Jews caught up in the Holocaust that we have in our database.

Some examples of these kinds of records that are included in the ALD are listed below along with a brief description.

Sugihara Visa List

The names and visa dates of 2,139 Lithuanian, Polish, German, and Russian Jews, all of whom were saved by passports from the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara in 1940.

Vilna Ghetto List Index

Data from a census of 15,507 Vilnius Ghetto prisoners conducted from 27-29 May 1942. This data comes from Volume 1 of "Vilnius Ghetto: Lists of Prisoners”. Volume I and Volume II of the 1942 Vilnius ghetto book can be obtained from the Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum, 1aukstas@jmuseum.lt in Vilnius. A wealth of information is contained in both books about the ghetto, what transpired, as well as information about the 35 different work camps in and around Vilnius. The data appears with the kind permission of Rachel Kostanian, the Director of the Vilna Gaon Museum in Vilnius, and Gary Mokotoff of Avotaynu, the distributor.

Lithuanian Jewish Holocaust Victims and Survivors Lists

This is a collection of data taken from a number of sources, including indexes of names contained in three post-WW2 books on Lithuania:

  • The Annihilation of Lithuanian Jewry by Abraham Oshry
  • Lithuanian Jewish Communities by Nancy and Stuart Schoenberg
  • Bravery and Heroism in Lithuania by Alex Feitelson

and a number of lists published by the American Federation of Lithuanian Jews in 1945/46 of Lithuanian Jews found to have survived the Holocaust.

Please be aware that the spellings of names -- both first and last -- may be different from the ones you are familiar with and accustomed to. In addition, some information on these lists that do not fit into our database template are noted in the Comments Field. For more information, see our Translation, Transliteration, and Database Standards for the ALD.

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