A few directories for Lithuania have survived. They range from business directories to street directories to directories of particular occupations.

Some examples of these kinds of records that are included in the ALD are listed below along with a brief description.

Lithuanian Medical Directories (1923-1925) -- 874 listings for Jewish medical personnel found in two Lithuanian medical directories.

1915 Vsia Vilna Directory

Over 17,400 entries from the 1915 city directory for Vilnius, Lithuania. Entries are from the section titled ”List of Inhabitants of Vilna and Subscribers of the Vilensko Telephone Service." While most of the entries are for families and individuals, the entries also include those businesses and government offices with telephone service.

1926 Business Directory for Eisiskes

Between World War I and II, Eisiskes and other towns in Vilna Gubernia were considered part of Poland. Businesses in these towns -- including stalls at a town marketplace -- were listed in the Polish Business Directories. This list is from the 1926 Polish Business Directory.

1908 Street Directories from Suwalki Guberniya

Translated and compiled by Valerie Hoffman, this directory includes the following towns: Alytus, Balbieriskis, Kalvarija, Marijampole, Panemune, Pilviskiai, Preniai

1919 List of Shopkeepers from Skapiskis

A list from the YIVO Archives

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