Cemetery and Landmanschaften Records

Cemetery records in the ALD were created by extracting information from the photographs of headstones from cemeteries in Lithuania, and in South Africa, as well as some cemetery sections in the United States that were owned by Landsmannschaften groups. This information was translated, and the names and any other readable information was input into the database.

Some examples of Cemetery records in the ALD follow along with a brief description.

Kovno Cemetery List

This 44 page Yiddish manuscript contains nearly 900 surnames of the Jewish dead buried in the Kovno Cemetery between the years 1941 to 1943. Sylvia Furshman Nusinov compiled it in October 1997.

Keidaner Cemetery List

Tombstone inscriptions from seven Keidaner cemeteries in Lithuania, New York, and Chicago compiled by Ada Green.

Jurbarkas Cemetery List

This is a list of approximately 350 photos of headstones, taken in the summer of 1995, at the Jurbarkas (Yurburg) Cemetery, spanning the years 1864-1940.

Please be aware that the spellings of names -- both first and last -- may be different from the ones you are familiar with and accustomed to. In addition, some information on these lists that do not fit into our database template are noted in the Comments Field. For more information, see our Translation, Transliteration, and Database Standards for the ALD.

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