ALD Source References

In almost all the data in the ALD and the Excel files distributed by LitvakSIG’s Projects and Groups, there are a number of columns which provide reference information: Archive/Fond/Inventory/File, Page, and Record or Registration Number. Together these columns provide the source information of the data in the file. This is the information you would cite or reference when writing to the archives for copies of the record.

The first field, Archive/Fond/Inventory/File, identifies the archive or repository (by a commonly used code) followed by the Fond or highest level archival organization, followed by Inventory or Opis which is the next level of archival organization, followed by File or Delo which is the file level or lowest level of organization which basically equates to a physical folder. The Page is the page number of the document inside the Folder and the Record Number or Registration Number is the entry number in a list or the identifying number on that page for the entry.

An example of a reference would be: KRA/I-43/1/27, page 2, record #30. KRA stands for Kaunas Regional Archive I-43 is a record collection of the Police Adminstration for the Telsiai District; 1 is the Inventory or Opis, a sub-classification of the Police Adminstration records for the Telsiai District, probably by year (in this case 1863); 27 is the File/Folder/Delo number which is the physical folder of the record. This record has two pages so a reference would be for one of those two pages. On those two pages, there are 37 records or lines or entries. In this example, we’d be talking about the 30th line/record/entry.

You can find a list of the archives we source data from and their commonly used acronym or code on the Archives and Repositories page of this website.