Thank you Volunteers

I salute our volunteers: our board members Amy Wachs, Barry Halpern, Dorothy Leivers, Garri Regev, Jill Anderson, Phil Shapiro, Ralph Salinger and Russ Maurer. I salute Eden Joachim our volunteer treasurer whose contribution is more than anyone can realize. I salute Judy Baston our LitvakSIG Digest moderator. I salute our District Coordinators: Alan Nathan, Ralph Salinger, Jill Anderson, Jody Tzucker, Ann Brody, Amy Wachs, Michael Kransdorf, Russ Maurer, Judy Baston, Dorothy Leivers and Rhoda Miller. 

Our volunteers hold multiple positions. In addition to being the District Coordinator for Trakai, Amy is our Facebook guru and administers our page. As mentioned before Judy is our diligent digest moderator  and the District Coordinator for Lida and Oshmiany. Ralph adds the title of co-chairing the Research and Translation Continuity Fund along with Barry Halpern while also being the District Coordinator for Disna, Kaunas and Panevezys. Suwalki District Coordinator, Dorothy Leivers, is our unsung Records and Translation Chair – she does an amazing job securing for us records, finding translators, keeping them all in order and enabling us to provide you with a constant flow of new information. Russ runs the Klaipeda District, helps out with the Svencionys District, is now our Records and Translation Chair and is a major contributor to helping our DCs with their websites. There aren’t enough words to describe what Barry does: he’s our Vice President, Secretary, Webmaster and keeps us focused on what needs to be done. Eden, our excellent treasurer, manages the Internal Passports Special Project and is responsible for uploading records to the ALD. We also are fortunate to have a number of volunteer translators. I salute them each who has given their time and expertise to help further research of our Litvak heritage.