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Vital Records


The Vital Records Project is no longer a separately funded project. Contact the District Coordinator of your District for information.


The LitvakSIG Vital Records (VRT) Translation Project focuses on translating the 19th and early 20th century Lithuanian Jewish Communities’ vital records (birth, marriage, death and divorce records) that were microfilmed by the Latter Day Saints (LDS) and has been extended to some vital records that were not microfilmed as well.

To date, we have translated more than 600,000 of an estimated 800,000 existing records many of which are in the All Lithuania Database. Many more vital records are presently being translated and shared with contributors.

The Vital Records Project began in 2000 and is organized by the three Lithuanian Gubernii: (i) Kovno (Kaunas) Guberniya, (ii) Vilna (Vilnius) Gubernia, and (iii) Suwalki Guberniya. Kaunas and Vilnius Gubernia each have a Gubernia Coordinator. The qualification level is $100 US per shtetl. Smaller donations can be made over time to build up to the qualification level. Our aim is to make the contribution a single, cumulative requirement, however if a project runs out of funds, it may be required to raise the minimum contribution level for all contributors to continue its mission.

The Suwalki Gubernia Vital Records are obtained under the aegis of the Suwalki Gubernia Research Group Special Project along with other selected records from that gubernia.

Qualified contributors are sent Excel files of all records translated for that shtetl (Kaunas and Vilnius Gubernii) or for that project (Suwalki Gubernia). This data is provided to the qualified contributors at least 18 months before the data is made publicly available on the All Lithuania Database

There is a Coordinator who can furnish up to date information on the status of the translation of vital records for each shtetl. [In some cases, we have a Shtetl Vital Records Coordinator for specific shtetls who is responsible for fundraising.] Below is a list of the Coordinators by Gubernia along with a list of the shtetls for which vital records are known to exist for that Gubernia, and a link to the email of the relevant Coordinator. Each Gubernia's Vital Records Project name below is hyperlinked to a webpage on this site with detailed information on the history and progress of the particular group:

Kaunas (Kovno) Gubernia

Coordinator: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Shtetls: Babtai, Birzai, Cekiske, Darbenai, Dotnuva, Grinkiskis, Jonava, Joniskelis, Josvainiai, Kalveliai, Kaunas, Kedainiai ,Krakes, Kupiskis, Linkuva, Pakruojis, Panemune, Panevezys, Pasvalys, Plunge, Pumpenai, Pusalotas, Ramygala, Raseiniai, Rumsiskes, Seredzius, Silale, Suvainiskis , Telsiai, Ukmerge, Vabalninkas, Vandziogala, Varniai, Veliuona, Vilijampole, Vilkija, Zeimelis


Effective January 1, 2012, the vital records project for towns in Kaunas Gubernia were incorporated into the relevant District Research Group. The contact information for the District Group Coordinators (DCs) is found on the District Research page of this website.


Suwalki Gubernia Vital Records are being translated through the Suwalki Gubernia Research Group Special Project

Coordinator: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Shtetls:Balbieriskis, Garliava, Kudirkos Naumiestis, Marijampole, Prienai, Sakiai, Zapyskis

Vilnius (Vilna) Gubernia

Shtetls:Alytus, Antakalnis, Baleliai Antrieji, Bagaslaviskis, Bezdonys, Butrimonys, Ciobiskis, Darsuniskis, Daugai, Eisiskes, Giedraiciai, Gelvonai, Inturke, Jasiunai, Jieznas, Jokuboniai Kernave, Senieji, Laibiskis, Maisiagala, Merkine, Moletai, Mikailiskis, Musninkai, Naujamiestis, Naujoji Vilna, Naujadvaris, Nemencine, Nemunaitis, Orlya, Paberze, Punia, Radun, Ratnycia, Rudamina, Salcininkai, Sasuoliai, Sirvintos, Shchuchin, Snipiskes, Stakliskes, Stundishki, Trakai, Turgeliai, Valkininkai, Varena, Vievis, Vilnius, Zaskevichi, Zasliai, Ziezmariai

Effective March 1  2013, the vital records projects for towns in the Lida, Oshmiany, Trakai and Vilnius Districts have been incorporated into those district groups. The contact information for the District Group Coordinators (DCs) is found on the District Research page of this website.

A complete inventory of the specific available records for each shtetl is available on the LitvakSIG Members Website. If you are not a dues-paying member, of LitvakSIG, you can learn more about joining LitvakSIG on the Join LitvakSIG page of this website.

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