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The definition of the territory known as “Lithuania” changed dramatically over the years, falling under multiple empires and world powers since the time Jews first arrive in Lithuania around 1600. The following maps will give you, the researcher, a sense of the transitory nature of the boarders throughout the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

  • Map c.1600 (Jewish arrival in Lithuania)
  • Map 1765 (1st Partition of Poland)
  • Map 1784 (2nd Partition of Poland)
  • Map 1795 (3rd and Final Partition of Poland)
  • Map c.1834 (Major Revision/Census)
  • Map c.1858 (Major Revision/Census)
  • Map c.1874 (1st Major Family List post 1858)
  • Map c.1919 (Lithuanian Independence)
  • Map c.1940-1944 (Soviet Union/German Occupation/Soviet Union)
  • Map c.1991 (Lithuanian Independence)