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The First Exhibitions of Jewish Artists in Kaunas (1920-1940) from the Art Critic's Perspective - by Dr. Vilma Gradinskaite

Author: Ann Rabinowitz
Author email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date: 16 May 2010

A special article is being posted on the LitvakSIG Online Journal site,which deals with the topic of Jewish artistic achievement in pre-World War II Lithuania. The article, ³The First Exhibitions of Jewish Artists in Kaunas (1920-1940) from the Art Critic¹s Perspective², is authored by Dr. Vilma Gradinskaite, who is originally from Birzai, Lithuania. The article was originally published in ³IGGUD Selected Essays in Jewish Studies, Vol.3, pages 115-129, The Hebrew University-Magnes Press, Jerusalem, 2007.

Dr. Gradinskaite earned her B.A. in Art History and Theory at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. In 2000, she was awarded her M.A. degree with her thesis entitled ³Jewish Fine Arts in the Context of Lithuanian Art, 1920-1940. Her PhD was awarded in 2004 with a dissertation ³Aspects of Self-Awareness in the Idea of Lite (Jewish Lithuania) in Jewish Diaspora Fine Arts².

A regular lecturer and writer, Dr. Gradinskaite has focused on Jewish art in Lithuania. She has served as the Curator, Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum of Lithuania, Researcher, Center for Studies of Lithuanian Jews¹ Culture, Lithuanian Institute of Culture, Philosophy and Art, and Lecturer, Vilnius Yiddish Institute, Vilnius University.

You can read more about her on her web site Jewishart. The site has a listing of Jewish artists which is a good resource.