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LitvakSIG Discussion List (Digest)

JewishGen provides mailing lists for Special Interest Groups (SIGs). A number of SIGs are sponsored by JewishGen. Some are independent but affiliated organizations such as LitvakSIG.

Our Discussion List is often referred to as the LitvakSIG Digest. It is a forum through which we exchange information, ideas, methodologies, tips, techniques, case studies, success stories, roadblocks, and resources in an effort to facilitate research on our Lithuanian-Jewish ancestors and their lives and times.

The LitvakSIG Discussion List (Digest) is moderated and adheres to rules set by JewishGen about content.
Many LitvakSIG volunteers, members, and Discussion List (Digest) subscribers actively participate in posting useful information from the front lines of running active LitvakSIG projects and answering questions posted by researchers.

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