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About the Shtetl Database

We have created a database of almost 400 shtetls of “Lithuania”.Following standard geographic convention, they are organized by their contemporary country spelling, generally Lithuanian but in the case of many shtetls Russian. Alternate (e.g. old, Yiddish) and other names for the shtetls are indicated as well as their geographic coordinates and their Russian Empire Period Uyezd (District) and Gubernia (Province).

Clicking on a shtetl name will bring you to a webpage for that shtetl which has some basic information on the shtetls as well as a collection of quick links (where applicable) directing you to further information and resources relevant to that shtetl, as follows:

LitvakSIG Research Groups:

To learn about how LitvakSIG research groups are organized in general, please see the Projects and Data page on this site.

  • LitvakSIG District or Gubernia Research Group
  • LitvakSIG Special Projects
Other LitvakSIG Resources:
  • LitvakSIG Online Journal Articles
  • Books Of Interest
  • Image Library
Non-LitvakSIG Links:
  • JewishGen ShtetlLink Site
  • JewishGen Yizkor Book Translation
  • Pinkas Ha-Kehilot Lita Entry
  • Google Search on all spellings of names for this shtetl
  • Other Websites of Interest

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