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LitvakSIG is the primary internet resource for Lithuanian-Jewish
("Litvak") genealogy research worldwide.
Our mission is to preserve Litvak heritage by discovering, collecting, documenting, and disseminating information about the once vibrant Jewish community of Lithuania.
LitvakSIG has long-term relationships with the archives in Lithuania. We organize a number of geographic-specific groups whose primary purpose is to identify and collect data from available records for Lithuania from the Russian Empire Period and Independent Lithuania. Contributors to our projects gain access to the data we collect in Excel format. This LitvakSIG.org website is our platform for providing the information we collect and our searchable databases to the public.

In addition, we host a prassword-protected website for our Dues-Paying Membership Litvaksigmembersonlysite.shutterfly.com, which has additional content including records, catalogs of selected Lithuanian Archives, and scholarly articles.

Some highlights of our work include the
  • All Lithuania Database (ALD), a free, searchable database that currently has over 1.3  million records and is updated quarterly.
  • The LitvakSIG Online Journal, an edited, online journal with articles of interest to people researching their Litvak heritage.
  • And the LitvakSIG Discussion List (“LitvakSIG Digest”), a moderated Internet discussion forum for the exchange of information on Litvak genealogy research.
  • Our growing presence at the annual IAJGS conferences on Jewish Genealogy. At the Boston conference in August 2013, we held a luncheon, our annual meeting, 1 presentation, 1 computer lab and sponsored Ruta Anulyte of MACEVA, who gave 4 talks. We also sponsored Howard Margol's talk on genealogy in Lithuania. It was a wonderful experience for everyone and we hope to see you next summer in Salt Lake City.

July 12, 2015
Congratulations to our newest Board member Phil Shapiro who was elected during the annual meeting in Jerusalem. We also say Mazel Tov to Carol Hoffman and Dorothy Leivers who were both re-elected to the Board.
We will miss Howard Margol who has left the Board after 9 years due to term - limits. We would not be where we are today without Howard's knowledge, leadership and guidance. Howard will still be active as Records Acquisitions and Translations Coordinator.
We wish you well, good health and happines with our heartfelt thanks for uncounted hours of your time for the benefit of all Litvaks.
April 11, 2014
Many thanks and gratitude are extended to Dorothy Leivers who stepped down as coordinator of Research Groups as of March 31.
Dorothy devoted her life (literally) to LitvakSIG and the research groups. Under her watch, we translated almost all remaining filmed vital records and more than 750,000 other records in just a few years' time.
I don't know what we'll do without Dorothy at the helm, but we will try our best to live up to the standards she set.
Eden Joachim
To contribute now, using our secure on-line credit card system, go to www.litvaksig.org/contribute .  Use the box SPECIAL PROJECT and from the Choose Project drop down menu, select MACEVA. In the Amount in US$ Box, type in the amount of your donation. Use the format 100.00. DO NOT ENTER a $.

Click the CHECKOUT box. The total donation amount appears. If it is correct, click the SUBMIT DONATION box. To correct or change the amount, click the BACK box.

To make a donation by check or to mail your credit card information for processing:

Payable to: LitvakSIG, Inc.

Mail to LitvakSIG

c/o Eden Joachim, Treasurer

41 Country Club Lane

Pomona, NY  10970


Always include your full name, billing address, email address, telephone number. You may note shtetl(ach) of interest. This information will be passed on to MACEVA.

First-Time Site Users:

Welcome! We suggest you start with the Family Research Page of our site. It will help you get oriented and explain the basic information you need to identify to leverage our site and LitvakSIG to its fullest. We also suggest you read the About LitvakSIG section, paying special attention to the Projects and Data Page. You may also need to refer to our Glossary since you may not be familiar with the many Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian terms that are used throughout the site, especially if this is your first foray in Jewish genealogy research.

Data Seekers:

Assuming you know your family shtetl(ach) of interest or your family surname, you can dive into our All Lithuania Database to search for records. If you know your shtetl(ach) of interest, you will want to learn about LitvakSIG projects which are collecting data for your ancestral shtetl(ach). You can do that on the Projects and Data, District Research, Vital Records and Special Projects pages. Once you have found your projects of interest, consider joining LitvakSIG and contributing to one or more LitvakSIG projects so you can gain access to the data in Excel format.

Frequent Site Users:

We’ve incorporated a number of “deep links” in the horizontal menu bar, vertical menu bar, and footer to help you get where you want to go fast: the All Lithuania Database, Shtetl Database, Lithuania Given Names Database, Archives and Repositories, FAQs, etc.